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Tipitaka, The living message (2018)

During Buddha’s time, the Buddha’s teachings or Dharmavinaya were never written down.  After Lord Buddha’s nirvana,  Dharmavinaya, gathered together in a collection called the Tipitaka, has been passed down from generation to generation through the  voices of recitation of Buddhist monks for over 400 years.  Later, it was first written on palm leaves in Srilanka.  Since then, countless Buddhist scriptures have been written and translated, from Pali to Sanskrit, Chinese and Tibetan languages through different Buddhist schools. The latest discovery came when an archeologist uncovered the oldest evidence in Lumbini’s excavation site of the existence of Buddha’s teachings, and the accuracy of Pali Tipitaka that was downthrough  word of mouth as well.

HD, 13 x 50min episodes


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aurelien laine