Filming with Timecode in South Korea

Like any international production, you prepare your upcoming shoot by getting your crew together, maybe a fixer if you film overseas then you secure your equipment. Part of this equipment is, of course, your master clock, sync boxes and electronic slate and you expect all of your local partners to do the same.

Master clock

Well, here is the bad news: Korean production companies don't use timecode sync. Here, the labor is cheap enough that they leave it to the editing team to figure things out. However, when you plan to edit your corporate film or advertising overseas, it becomes an issue.

At AJP Productions, we have the expertise to implement timecode sync throughout your production. We were recently contacted by a Korean production company a few days before a major advertising shoot as they couldn't work out the timecode sync required by the international production which was flying in for a few days for principal photography. We pushed full steam forward and helped make the shoot successful.

There are several things to keep in mind when filming with timecode in South Korea:

  • The majority of production companies do not have the equipment required for it and therefore it is close to impossible to rent it in the local shops,
  • For that reason, it is important to contact AJP Productions in advance so that we can talk about what you need and how to better deal with your specific needs.

Timecode Sync Slate

AJP Productions being currently on the rise, we are still in the process to purchase everything needed for major shoots with timecode sync to make sure that in the near future, our clients don't even need to concern themselves with these basic requirements as they will come built into our production packages.

I will soon post the intricacies of the recent shoot we have worked on, it was quite fascinating. Between separate rooms, four cameras, a whole lot of transmitters and the time crunch, pulling it off wasn't a small feat.

So remember, if you plan to shoot in South Korea, timecode is unusual so contact AJP Productions and we will get everything sorted out for you.

Sync Box

AJP Productions provides high quality production services in South Korea and around Asia, don't hesitate to contact us for any filming and fixing requests.

Aurelien Laine