Airport Forms For Film Equipment in South Korea

Towards the end of 2015, one of our clients came to film Corporate Golf Tournament and were looking for a fixer to take care of transportation, sound capturing and rental of special equipment. For the most part though, they brought their own team and equipment. Their question then was: what form do we need to fill up at Incheon airport to declare their video equipment on arrival?

Here is the official answer. This is the form that you will need to fill up to bring in your video equipment in order to export it right back when you leave: (keep reading, there's an HOWEVER)

Import for re-export declaration form


The fact of the matter is: no one at the airport really knows how to handle these things so there is no real need to declare your equipment when you visit Korea. It took my team a few hours and many phone calls to chase down the actual form and even then, the customs office seemed dubious about its use.

What you must do though, is fill up a declaration when you leave your own country. Our client was from the USA so he filled up all the required documents on departure. Those are essentials as some countries are a lot tougher on import/export than South Korea.

So the non-official-yet-reliable answer to 'do we need to declare our equipment at the airport when coming to South-Korea?' is no, you don't but make sure you declare it at the airport of departure.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need a local fixer is South Korea. AJP Productions has a lot of experience in dealing with local authorities and we will help you get your filming done.