At AJP Productions, we offer production services for local and international companies for film & TV content and corporate videos.



We produce feature films, TV & online content and short films with some of the best English speaking crews around. From producers to production staff, we've got it.

Corporate Videos


Company videos, interviews, promotion videos, events coverage and professional advertising. Anything your company wants to get done, we can provide.


You just need a team, a coordinator or  a media related task done in Asia, we can be your troops on the ground and get the work done in no time.

Sony Korea Trusts Us


First Team to use Sony XOCN Codec in Korea

Sony sponsored our team with high quality equipment so that we can test the new XOCN codec on our fiction project "The First Timer". This is a high bitrate, high quality, low data codec that shoots RAW quality video for 70% of the storage space.

Services all around from prep to post


We produce high quality documentaries, feature films, Music Videos, short films, Television and web content. You have an idea and new a production team on the ground in South Korea, contact us and we will discuss our we can match our expertise with your needs.



Working with international channels


We regularly work with international channels that need local crews and producers to gather footage, interviews, work with permits, locations and local agencies.


We work with some of the biggest companies on the globe


Companies from all around the world come to South Korea in need of a professional local crew to film their events, company videos, interviews and ads. We can work with to make everything smooth and deliver high quality deliverables, whatever you may need.