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27 Nov 2013
Skills Needed: Documentary Production
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Sedae - A Documentary About South Korea

A visual Experience about the people who live in a country that changed overnight

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Our Services On This Production:
- Scheduling interviews and shooting days,
- Manage production staff and budget,
- Raise funds via grants, pitching, crowdfunding and find sponsors,
- Social and standard media communication, website development,
- Develop a marketing and distribution strategy.

Director/Cinematographer/Executive Producer

Daniel Smukalla is a documentary and narrative filmmaker. He received a Bachelors of Arts in film and video production, with a concentration in cinematography, from Columbia College Chicago. He has worked as a cinematographer with a wide variety of cameras and formats that range from HD, 16mm, 35mm, as well as the latest digital SLR cameras. Born in Wisconsin, USA, he works as a cinematographer in Seoul, Korea and is in production on “Sedae”, a documentary about the generation gap in Korea.

Daniel Smukalla

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Korea’s quick growth resulted in much contrast between the old and young, and rural and urban. This documentary visually shows the different aspects of Korean life, and is narrated over by Koreans of all ages and backgrounds that are a part of it. Their narration examines their thoughts of the Korea around them, of the different generations, and of all of the changes they have seen and experienced throughout their lives. All of this is blended together to show the diverse aspects of one country that has tremendously transformed in such a short time.

Aurélien Lainé is a French born, Seoul based producer and CEO of AJP Productions. He produced several short films, a 30 episodes comedy web-series and is currently in production for a feature fiction film. He majored in creative writing and naturally came to production by setting up AJP Productions in Auckland, New Zealand. With "Sedae", he looks into supporting the director's vision while making sure that the film comes to completion.

Aurélien Lainé

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Hee Sunwoo received a BS in International Business Management and Finance from New York University. His love for acting & film production, and keen interest in business management, naturally groomed him as a producer. While developing his career in New York, he continues to expand his experiences in Seoul, and has worked in various project scales in almost all areas of production management.

Hee-Young Sunwoo

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Director's Purpose

Since coming to Korea, I have been curious about what Koreans of all ages and backgrounds think about their country and of all of the changes they have experienced with it, and what they think when they see the different generations around them. With this documentary I look to answer these questions.


Min Byung Chae is a filmmaker with a wide range of directoral credits. He has directed films, dramas, commercials, as well as music videos. As a producer on “Sedae” he looks to learn more about his country and culture. He is the owner of M Media_Productions, which is based in Seoul, Korea.

Min Byung Chae

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Production Assistant

Nathan Oh is from Incheon, currently living in Suwon. He graduated school of pharmacy at Sungkyunkwan university now studies neuropharmacology. He was part of the translation team for “Sedae” for a while until he got pulled in as a full time assistant producer in charge of Korean communication and social services.

Nathan Oh