FORMAT: Feature Film
GENRE: Crime, Drama
DIRECTOR: James Williams III
PRODUCERS: Aurélien Lainé, James Williams III, Kuiock Park
LANGUAGES: English and Korean


SYNOPSIS: Haebangchon is a crime drama with an ensemble cast set a midst a mafia takeover of a small foreigner town in Seoul, South Korea. Each character seeks his or her own personal need for freedom. Q (Kahlid Tapia) is extorted by the mafia to sell a large amount of marijuana; he has no choice in matter if he wants to leave with his life, the problem is, he's not a very good drug dealer. Ji (Jennifer Yun) has pledged her life to the mafia in exchange for saving her father, she wants nothing more than to pay off her debt and return to being a full time mother, but she can't do that if Q fails. Mr. Yu, the clan leader, wants to take Haebangchon as a new means of income to sustain his family so that he can retire from the violent lifestyle.

Best Fight Choreography, Best Hand to Hand Combat Sequence, Best Action Actor, Best Feature Film at Urban Action Showcase 2015
Veteran Filmmaker Award at GI Film Festival 2015

Whoever said, “Smoking a little weed never hurt anybody?”