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It is said that there are two types of independent production companies, the ones run by Director-Producers and the ones run by Writer-Producers. AJP Productions was created in order to serve the vision of a Writer-Director based in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2007, AJP Productions, at the time under the name AJP Prod, produced the short film "What is The Cinema About?" The Writer-Director, Aurélien Lainé, then moved to South Korea in 2009 and AJP Prod was officially moved to Seoul, South Korea, in 2013 under the name AJP Productions.

We strive to bring the best stories to life and offer the best services you will find in South Korea. We believe that stories have carried the world forever because they touch the audience somewhere deep that most of us don't understand. May it be in the corporate world or the entertainment world, qualityclient satisfaction and utmost professionalism are values that we swear by.


Our Creatives

Aurélien Lainé

Aurélien Lainé
CEO Writer, Producer


Daniel Smukalla

Daniel Smukalla
Director of Photography


MJ Lee
Sound Designer & Recordist

Sungyee Kim - PR Specialist

Sungyee Kim
PR Specialist